5 Things You Must Know Before Visiting Morocco

Morocco is a country filled with color, life and all kinds of sights, smells and sounds to fill all of your senses. It is an exciting destination in Northern Africa, for travelers really seeking a unique experience off the normal tourist track. If you’re interested in exploring a fascinating culture and seeing things you’ve never seen before, put Morocco on your destination list. You can get flights to Morocco for cheap! And make sure to brush up on these things to know before you go.

1. There’s more than just Marrakech

Many tourists go to Morocco and just get stuck in Marrakech. Yes it is a fascinating city with tons to see and do, but there is so much more to this beautiful country. Check out Fez for some of the best food in the country, or hike between the Berber villages if you’re the active type. And check out some of the desert towns like Merzouga as well.

2. There are many languages

Because so many different cultures have influenced modern Morocco, you might find it confusing when locals switch languages mid-sentence! While Arabic is the official language, you’ll also hear Darija, the local dialect, as well as French, Spanish and many other regional dialects. So rather than getting confused, learn the basics to get by in Arabic and you should be fine.

3. You can’t go inside the mosques

While you can definitely admire the many mosques in Morocco from the outside, the majority of them are limited to Muslims to enter. About 99% of the population here is Muslim and actively practicing, so you’ll hear the call to prayer regularly. But feel free to explore the mosques from the outside, you’ll see plenty of impressive architecture.

4. Couscous is served on Fridays

Actually, you could eat couscous every day if you wanted to, but it’s always served on Fridays when the families gather together after prayer. So eat couscous on a Friday to feel like a real local. It is a delicious dish, normally served with vegetables or fish here.

5. “Balak!” means “watch out!”

If you’re wandering down the middle of a street in Morocco without paying attention, you’re bound to soon hear someone shouting “balak!” at you. This means get out of the way, because something is coming to run you down! The narrow streets are normally teeming with people, vehicles and animals. At least you’re being warned.

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