The Most Unusual Things to Do in Dublin


If you’re travelling to Dublin some time soon, then you might be thinking of amazing things you can do while over there. Sure, you could do what everyone else does and visit the Guinness Factory. You could even go to Dublin Zoo. However, there are far more unusual things that you can do while in Dublin. Make sure you use a top Dublin car service to get around this amazing city. Here are some of the most unusual things you can do:

1. Visit the Glasnevin Cemetery

You may have heard this cemetery be referred to as ‘The Dead Centre of Dublin’. This might not sound too appealing to you, but I promise, it’s worth a visit! It’s Ireland’s largest cemetery, and there are many things to learn here. For one, a social, political and historical timeline of the country is carved out in stone. You’ll even find the graves of some very famous Irish people here; Parnell and Luke Kelly to name just a few. Nearby, there’s a large portion of park land to explore and enjoy too. You can choose to take a walking tour if you like, which will fill you in on some truly unusual tales of certain men and women who changed Ireland. You shouldn’t miss this if you want to discover some spooky secrets.


2. Explore the Science Gallery

You’ll find the science gallery tucked into the grounds of the Trinity College. It’s a very modern and interesting gallery, that couples, families, and groups of friends will all enjoy. The great thing about it is that nothing is permanent there; there’s always something new and exciting to look at! Events and talks are held all the time, so you can learn a whole lot by visiting here.


3. Enjoy a Le Cool Walking Tour

Want to see a different side to Dublin? Then a Le Cool Walking tour could be just the thing for you. You’ll learn how Dublin is changing for the better, and learn all about street art, fashion, DIY culture, music, artists, and more!


4. Go on a Hidden Walk

These hidden walks are truly spectacular. You haven’t really seen Dublin until you’ve been on a hidden walk! How about taking The Hellfire Club walk? You’ll go up the mountains of Dublin towards the haunted hunting lodge. This dates all the way back to 1725 and is often associated with dark, unnatural forces. Make sure you have a nice place to relax after all of this excitement with some digs from any of the top sites.


5. See the National Leprechaun Museum

You can’t get more unusual than the National Leprechaun Museum! It’s dedicated to Irish mythology, so you’re in for a lot of fun if you visit here. Learn all about folklore, mythology, and some magical stories. You’ll learn the history behind leprechauns, rainbows, and of course, pots of gold. You won’t see any real leprechauns or skeletons of the little guys, but it’s not to be missed!

Will you try any of these unusual Dublin attractions, or will you stick to the tried and tested attractions? Leave a comment and let us know!

Photo taken from Flickr