Try A New Journey: Make A Graduation Trip A Family Vacation

Have you already made your plans to attend your young one’s graduation from school?  You probably have been carefully planning and scheming about what might be the perfect present and treat to give that youth who has spent 4 or more years studying hard, taking exams and reading into the wee hours of the morning just to achieve this momentous point in life when they have officially earned that piece of paper.  Now how do you plan to congratulate them on this achievement.

Many folks reward their youngsters with cards, money or classy presents.  However, any person who has achieved this state in their lives usually has pretty definite ideas in their minds about what they want and how they intend to get it.  Besides, this might be the one time you can still share time together as a family.  After all, the next phase will be finding and taking on a new job, new place to live and a career of one’s own.  So perhaps you might feel that the best strategy will be to take the family together on a single trip together, with the graduate as the honored guest.

One such trip can be to go together on a long-desired family journey.  Perhaps a trip to the seacoast, where you can all enjoy being near the shore and also at a locale where you can be part of a historical site that can entertain everyone as well as expose them all to some history might be appropriate. Visiting historic sites like Fort Mose in Florida, Historic Williamsburg in Virginia, or the Pyramids of Giza can be an experience that brings together a family’s association with its past as well as its journey into the future.  Or a visit to a location where the family is exposed to the new career that the graduate will be starting out on may also be an experience to be shared together.  A visit to the NASA Space Center in Houston, or the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum can be perfect for the newly-accredited engineer or scientist.

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