Top Tips for Great Homepage Design

When it comes to the complex process of designing a website that is great, and stands out amongst the rest, the first problem that springs to mind is deciding on which layout design to use. Thanks to the large number of fantastic design templets that websites such as WordPress have to offer, this problem is no longer one that should take too much time to solve. The problem that follows next though, is the process of actually creating content that will give your website substance. This is where we find our first major obstacles. There is no quick-fix, magical pill that one can take that will completely ensure that your website attracts viewers, and keeps them wanting to come back for more. The best way to turn your website from something good, into something great, is to do enough research, understanding the norms and characteristics that the viewer will feel comfortable with. This is where the extreme importance of one’s Homepage comes in. There are a large number of different tips and hints floating around the internet dealing with this topic, so we decided to speak to the people behind PokiesPalace, one of the leading names in the world of Online Video Gambling Pokies, in order to find out which characteristics they feel are most important when it comes to great Homepage design.

It is important to remember that the Homepage is where your viewers are introduced to your website, and the main aims that it concerns itself with. Statistically, most people tend to spend between 10-20 seconds on a website before deciding whether they wish to move on or remain. With this in mind, it is important that the Homepage draws them in. Make use of great colour schemes, interesting logos, and catchy images that will allow the website to not only leave an immediate good impression, making it more likely that the viewer will stay,  but also allow them to remember the specific website, increasing the chance that they will return at a later stage.

The header of the Homepage is also greatly important, considering the fact that it allows the viewer to navigate their way around the site. If navigation seems complicated and doesn’t conform to the expected norms of website navigation, the viewer will find themselves feeling lost, most likely moving on to a different website.

By Jason Swindon

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