Which State Holds the Most Marijuana Dispensaries?

With the recent November 2016 election, more states received the good news that marijuana would now be legal in some form. The results of the vote will likely add to the number of dispensaries that are in business to provide medical patients, and recreational users, access to marijuana. If you’ve been wondering which states already have an abundance of dispensaries offering cannabis for health and healing, the answer is that there are several. It’s difficult to discern who has the most, because changing and conflicting laws make it hard to tell who’s operating legally and who has shut down only to open up as a brand new dispensary identity. What we know is that in California, you can search for “weed delivery near me” and find marijuana easily, from Green Door West.

Here are the top states with an abundance of dispensaries:


Colorado has issued more than 2,500 marijuana business licenses and more than 900 of them went to dispensaries. It’s thought that there are only about 600 physical marijuana dispensaries in Colorado, because dispensaries that sell medical and recreational marijuana count as 2 dispensaries for licensing purposes. In Colorado, there are more marijuana dispensaries than there are Starbucks, 7-Elevens, and McDonald’s combined.


In Oregon, there are already more marijuana dispensaries than Golden Arches or coffee shops selling Frappuccino’s. There are now more than 269 dispensaries selling medical marijuana in Oregon, according to Oregon’s health authorities, which began issuing permits in 2014. Oregon has the second-highest number of patients using medical marijuana, per capita, in the United States – falling only behind Colorado.


Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research in California conducted research to find out how many medical marijuana dispensaries were operating in the state. The organization identified 2,174 dispensaries that had phone numbers listed on websites like Weedmaps. It searched for dispensaries with physical locations and those that offered only delivery services. After further research, findings seemed to be inaccurate and the institute could only confirm 815 dispensaries.

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