Perfect Cornish Moments Which Make Staying There Worthwhile


My family and I generally take two vacations during the summer months, one abroad and the other here in the UK. We are not flashy in this way it is simply that the summer is the only time that we can all get together and enjoy spending time with on another. Usually we stay in different locations across the UK but for the last 3 years we have been visiting a Cornwall holiday park which we absolutely love. Of course during those 3 years we have stayed in various campsites in Cornwall and even other holiday parks in Cornwall, which have allowed us to really see more of the county. For me this is a place which is all about moments and here are some which I would recommend that you seek out.

The Minack theater is probably the most beautiful that you will ever visit and it is styled like a small Greek amphitheater, which has been carved in to the top of cliff. If you happen to be in town when there is a performance on then I recommend that you go. Basically you take your own food and drink and they start the performance whilst the sun is still up and then it slowly fades as the performance comes to a close, a truly magical moment.

Trawlers Arriving

I adore seafood and one of the best places which you can find it is in Padstow, a town which has almost been taken over by TV chef Rick Stein and his 4 restaurants and the cooking school with he has here. Whilst I absolutely love these restaurants and would recommend them, something which I almost enjoyed as much was waking up early and heading down to the harbor to watch the trawlers come in. This is has been the lifeblood of this county for such a long time and to watch these guys in action was simply wonderful.

Tea With a View

There are a number of quaint fishing towns along the coats of Cornwall and my favorite without question is Port Isaac. Here you will find a small cafe which sits by a cliff face, which is the perfect place to enjoy an English cream tea, with the perfect view. I can never decide whether it is the tea, the clotted cream of the view which I enjoy most about this experience.

Standing Up

For the first couple of years that we came down here we always used to have a go at surfing in Newquay and one of my best memories here was the first time that I was able to stand up on the board. The surf is Newquay is of a very high quality and people come from all over the world to surf here. If you haven’t done so before this is a great place for you to lose your surfing virginity and when you stand up for the first time, you’ll be just as excited as I was.

If you are planning on a trip to Cornwall, this is the place where we usually stay.

Perran Springs Holiday Park