Easy Tips For Starting A Travel Blog


You might be wondering how to make a travel blog and what you need to do to get one up and running. Travel journals of course still have their place in the world, but blogging is the digital travel journal of today. I am so thankful that I created this blog, but here are some

The proof is in the name

I think it is a great ideal to start a travel blog, but it makes no sense if it cannot grow with you and your traveling goals. For example, if you want to travel to every country on earth you wouldn’t make your name “two country traveler”. An obvious example, but the point is clear that you need a name that will stick.  

Tell the story

It is always an absolute pleasure for me to read back over my travel experiences and that is why I think it is important to tell a story. I always feel that great feeling of nostalgia and I even remember things that I might not have otherwise thought about. These are usually very small details that all added to the experience. This is so refreshing for me, so if you are going to write make sure you build the story of the situation. My family and friends in particular loved that reading my blog has become an adventure in itself, rather than reading about how I went and ate bread in a cafe in another country or something boring like that.

Add some pictures

Taking photos of your travels is a great idea and even more so for your travel blog. One way to paint your experience is by using some good photos and what better photos are there than your own. I would also recommend watermarking any photos that you have, so that others are not able to use them and it is clear that they came from your site.

Do it regularly

I think the best thing about blogging is the creative outlet and the ability of your posts to reach people that you would not have thought was possible. Do it as often as you can manage and you will be rewarded for your trouble.

Get a good website

There is one word that comes to mind when it comes to blogging and that is “WordPress”. WordPress is a site platform that is extremely easy to use and the functionality is just amazing. You can do anything with the help of add ons, which are usually free.