For a lot of people the winter is welcomed with open arms because it means that it’s ski season. I know that there are a lot of you reading this who have never thought like that, because you would rather escape the winter chill and head to the beach. I think a ski holiday is the perfect alternative to the traditional beach holiday, if you hit the slopes and explore the falls creek snow I know you’ll have a great time. So why do I think you should be flying down the slopes and not soaking up the sun on the beach? Here’s why: Get A NewRead More →

  My family and I generally take two vacations during the summer months, one abroad and the other here in the UK. We are not flashy in this way it is simply that the summer is the only time that we can all get together and enjoy spending time with on another. Usually we stay in different locations across the UK but for the last 3 years we have been visiting a Cornwall holiday park which we absolutely love. Of course during those 3 years we have stayed in various campsites in Cornwall and even other holiday parks in Cornwall, which have allowed us toRead More →

If you haven’t been to Las Vegas yet then this is a post which is designed to whet your appetite enough that you put it right to the top of your list of places that you should visit. This iconic city is simply breathtaking, it is relentless and crazy, and beautiful and spectacular in equal measure. There is so much to see and do here that a few days simply wouldn’t be enough to even scratch the surface. With this being said, there is more than enough in Vegas for any number of days that you are able to spend here. Without further ado then,Read More →

Mexico is a place where you can do more or less everything and for this reason it is one of my favourite countries. I have always wanted to write a bit more about it and I thought I would take this chance to do so. Here are some of the many things that you can do, the list is by no means exhaustive, but these are definitely some of my favourite things to do. Hit the beach There is nothing quite like sitting on the Caribbean Sea of the Gulf of Mexico and enjoying the amazing white sands, supreme weather and turquoise waters are allRead More →

  There is so much to love about visiting the Caribbean, it truly is one of the most beautiful places on earth, so I thought I would take the time to write this article about what makes the Caribbean one of the best places on earth to visit. Places to stay Another great thing about this part of the world is that it is extremely good in terms of accommodation. Luxury Caribbean vacations are without a doubt some of my favourites and staying in a beautiful resort directly on the beach is something that is really special about this part of the world.. The beachesRead More →

  You might be wondering how to make a travel blog and what you need to do to get one up and running. Travel journals of course still have their place in the world, but blogging is the digital travel journal of today. I am so thankful that I created this blog, but here are some The proof is in the name I think it is a great ideal to start a travel blog, but it makes no sense if it cannot grow with you and your traveling goals. For example, if you want to travel to every country on earth you wouldn’t make yourRead More →

Going on your next holiday is something that you should definitely look forward to, but when you think of the big picture it can be overwhelming, particularly with so much to organise. The thing to remember is that it doesn’t need to be hard, so the following will be some simple things to remember before you go away on your next holiday and hopefully it will take some of the stress of organising it away. Pick your holiday Choosing your holiday is probably the most difficult consideration of all, this is because you need to choose the right holiday for you. Holidays should be affordable,Read More →