5 Reasons Why You Need To Go To Vegas

If you haven’t been to Las Vegas yet then this is a post which is designed to whet your appetite enough that you put it right to the top of your list of places that you should visit. This iconic city is simply breathtaking, it is relentless and crazy, and beautiful and spectacular in equal measure. There is so much to see and do here that a few days simply wouldn’t be enough to even scratch the surface. With this being said, there is more than enough in Vegas for any number of days that you are able to spend here. Without further ado then, here are just 5 reasons why you need to visit Vegas.


For over 6 decades now the very greatest entertainers in the world have played stages in Vegas, seeking to cement their status as legends. Over the years this city has seen the likes of Elvis, the Rat Pack, Prince, Tony Bennett, Celine Dion and many more wonderful performers. These days you can still see the stars, as well as some of the finest shows in the world. Whether it is variety shows that you enjoy, the circus, comedians , drag acts or magic shows, you can find them all here in Las Vegas.


Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world and it is the perfect place for those looking to boost their vacation money. Whilst the most committed gamblers can have a wonderful time here, so too can the newbies. Gabling in Vegas is not as aggressive as many may think and the relaxed nature of it means that everyone can have some fun on the casino floor.

Day Trips

There is much more to Vegas than just the strip of hotels, and some of the day trips which you can take are equally as memorable. You can take a day trip to the spectacular Grand Canyon, see the impressive Hoover Dam or even take some time out in the ancient Valley of Fire, huge expanse of bright red sandstone which has seen many ancient civilizations living here.


Even the experience of staying in a hotel in Vegas is something else, and with the beautiful and ostentatious hotels on offer, you are sure to have a brilliant time. The hotels in Vegas are where people spend most of their time, and not always in their own hotel, it is expected that you wander in and out of the strip’s hotels, enjoying their casinos, restaurants, bars and other amenities.


There aren’t too many cities around the world that you could throw the word iconic at, but Vegas most certainly falls into that category. Just walking around Vegas, your head is full of stories of big gamblers, the mob, movies and TV shows and the legends that have graced many parts of the city. Walk in the footsteps of icons, and be surrounded by iconic buildings and hotels, with stories all over the place.

Now, why not go ahead and book that plane ticket!