14 Life Hacks for 2014 That You Didn’t Know.

Life hacks exist to make our lives easier, using low-budget tips and tricks to keep us organized and de-cluttered. They even teach us things that we might not have known before, that could help us in the rest of our daily lives. Let’s make 2014 easier than ever using these simple, low-cost tips.

Here are 14 life hacks for this year to start you off on the right foot.

1.Organize your cords.


Toilet paper rolls sure do come in handy! If you have a ton of chords or wires that you need to store in an organized fashion, try to use toilet paper rolls to organize them. First find an empty cardboard box, then place toilet paper rolls vertically in it. These will be placeholders for any chords you have now, or in the future, just place the chords in the vertical tubes and you are organized in a heartbeat!

2. Twizzlers straws make everything better.

If you need a straw in a hurry, look no further than your bag of twizzlers in the cupboard! Bite off each end of the licorice candy rope, then place in your favorite beverage. Quick and easy straw, that’s edible too!

3. Use nail polish to identify your keys.

Do you have multiple keys that are the same color and look identical in style? Ever just get fed up with trying to remember what key goes to what? Well, here’s a solution to your problem: use nail polish to paint the tips of your keys to identify them quickly and painlessly.

4. Use a squeeze bottle for a no-mess pancake experience.


Love to make pancakes, but can’t stand the messy ladles and utensils when preparing them? Try placing the batter in a squeeze bottle such as an old ketchup or mustard container and squeeze the amount needed on the griddle with little to no mess involved!

5. Store wrapping paper with toilet paper rolls.


Ever get tired of your wrapping paper from the holidays unraveling, crinkling up on the edges while in storage? Look no further than the bathroom trash for the easy solution to your problem: you can cut toilet paper rolls on one side and use them as a cuff on the end of the wrapping paper!

6. Change your day with one thought upon waking.

Every morning, if you think at least one positive thought, you can boost your mood for the day and trick your brain into being happy (even when you might not feel happy in that moment!)

7. Own a cat, increase your life-span.

So not only are cats adorable and fun to play with, they can actually calm nerves and decrease your risk of heart attack by 30%. So, go on and find your new cat-buddy- for your own heart’s sake!

8. Lint roll your headphone jack.


Phones can get quite dirty at times, and need some tender love and care. To get that lint out of the headphone jack in your phone or other devices look no further than your office desk drawers! You can make your own lint roller for your headphone jack with items you already have by flattening out a paper clip, wrapping clear tape around the top of the paperclip with the sticky-side out, then carefully place into the headphone jack. (Be careful not to get the tape stuck inside!)

9. Keep your kids from rolling off the bed with a pool noodle.


Do you have children that move around while they sleep, sometimes ending up on the floor in the middle of the night? Well, pull those summer-time pool noodles out of storage, and place them on the longer edges of the bed, under the fitted sheets. Easy as that!

10. Organize your earbuds.


Earbuds (or headphones) have a tendency to get all tangled up, which gets quite frustrating! Use a binder clip to keep them organized. Roll up the wires and place a binder clip around them for a no hassle way to store them.

11. Make your own iPhone stand.


If you’d like to have a way to watch videos hands-free on your iPhone, make an iPhone stand with a paper clip, following these simple steps. Acquire a medium-sized to large paper clip, and flatten it out until it is completely straight. Bend the clip into a v-shape. Then, take each end of the v and bend them outwards toward you in the same direction. Place your device on your stand, and have fun watching your favorite videos!

12. Organize your cleaning supplies.


Don’t know what to do with that old hanging shoe rack you never use? Place it on the back of your bathroom closet door, and put all your cleaning supplies in the compartments! Easy to use and keeps the chemicals away from the kids!

13. Repair those broken flip-flops with bread clips.

New Picture (8)

Yes, I said bread clips. These guys come in handy when your flip-flops have gotten split holes in them. Place a bread clip on the bottom of your flip-flop, around the plastic round piece to prevent the piece from popping out again.

14. Use old lotion bottles for water-proof storage.


Some styles of lotion bottles can be cleaned out and used to hole keys, phones, iPods, and money while you’re on your beach trip. This can keep your things tidy, dry and in safer keeping.

So, these are just a few ideas to get you started off in the right direction to making your 2014 the best year yet. Life hacks are hear to make your life easier- without taking a lot of your money, and without taking a lot of your time. Get started in implementing one of these DIY tips today, (and don’t forget to have some fun while doing it!)

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