Experience the wonders of Lapland

Explore Santa’s Village and Santapark

Mentions of Lapland instantly conjures images of reindeer  on a snow covered plain and a jolly old man in red elusively hiding behind hordes of tiny elves. Santa’s Village in Lapland has been crafted from the inspiring sets of Hollywood movies, with promises to transport the visitor to a land of fairy-tale intrigue and wonder. Perched on the edge of the Arctic Circle, close to the Finnish town Rovaniemi hides the cavernous Santapark. For adults, following a descent into the cave, they are greeted with an ice bar, while children experience sleigh rides with Santa, spend the day in elf school and guaranteed good behaviour until Christmas Day! Why not have a Lapland holiday in 2014?


Witness Aurora Borealis

Lapland is on the Finnish outskirts of the Arctic Circle, within quick reach of the Aurora Oval. Commonly known as the Northern Lights, they become most visible during the winter months, from September until March, although the peak period for viewing is just after the winter equinox. 2014 will be a promising year for viewings, as it falls in the centre of an 11-year sun-spot cycle, which creates large magnetic storms, pronouncing the colours of the lights. The lights can only been seen during darkness, but there is no shortage of night time in winter, as Finland is one country which experience months of pure nocturnal winter. The best viewing times remain to be between 6 and 10pm, and the lights brightest on cloudless, moonless nights. For this reason, it is best to plan a trip during the new moon.

The best ways to explore

For that magical Lapland experience, it is best to out on some waterproof, warm boots and head outdoors. Forget cars, buses and bikes, and take sleigh rides through the vast wilderness of snow plains. Cross country skiing is a popular winter sport, but for those less active, strap a pack of husky’s onto the front of a sleigh and get-going. They might be the closest you get to a reindeer ride!


There’s still some Summer Fun

Some people worry about visiting Lapland in summer. Without the allure of frost biting snow and little elves people perceive Lapland to be a vast expanse of snow. This is not true! Mild climates and perpetual sunlight melts the snow off the mountains to reveal a hikers paradise, lakes abundant with catch for the avid fisherman, and cruising, kayaking and rafting for all styles of water enthusiasts.

Continue the Wonder

Lapland’s wonder and intrigue as a holiday destination stems from the unspoiled nature of the area. Try to have as much fun as possible during your holiday in Lapland 2014 . The delicate environment can be explored unendingly, but help preserve the wilderness and biodiversity by exploring the arctic like it has always been…just another excuse for a sleigh ride really!



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