Reasons Why Selling Your Old Jewelry Will Benefit You

Jewelry is often associated not just with accessory or elegance but more so with money. However, even if jewelry has been known to be a big investment, it is also sold by many. Here are some reasons why people choose to sell their jewelry. 

1. Damaged Jewelry 

Jewelry is a delicate object. It can get tangled and sometimes chains can break. Since it is an item most people wear every day, it is also prone to scratches. Sure, jewelry can be fixed through investing cash to have it back to being wearable however most often than not, like most repairs, jewelry repair can be costly. Due to the reasoning that repair of jewelry is pricey and not so affordable, people lean to the option of selling it. Selling jewelry is chosen to earn rather than spend money. Since jewelry has various designs today and most of the time style changes so often, old jewelry is sold at a fine price to have a hold of a newer piece. 

2. Unused Jewelry 

There are jewelries that go to the favorite tier however some don’t get there and are often left untouched and dusty in boxes. Maybe it was a design you half-heartedly chosen and worn once or twice just to get your money’s worth, but if you think it through, did you really get your money’s worth by buying an expensive piece to only wear it once? A wiser choice would be to sell those pieces you do not use. It will be a better option. Through selling your old and unused jewelry pieces, you can come up with money to buy a new set; designs you fancy more. 

3. Easy Money 

Selling gold offers gold prices. Gold is a pricey investment but it sure does give back too. If you are someone who needs an extra cash and you are old jewelry lying around unused then selling those jewelry is the easiest way to acquire cash. Whether the cause is urgent or not, selling jewelry surely offers a good cash.   

4. Worthy Cause 

Besides selling your jewelry for emergency reasons like an accident or illness or because you need extra cash for the monthly bill, another worthy cause of selling jewelry may include your long overdue plan to remodel your home. Jewelry is a tiny piece of proper but it is worth a ton. Moreover, home remodeling or renovation is also an investment for the future.  

You may also want to help a charity and you don’t have enough cash on you. If you have old jewelry pieces, it is a good opportunity to sell those and have the cash from it help a good cause.  

Whatever reason you have in selling your jewelry, I’m sure that it is for a good cause or purpose. Are you looking for the right people to sell your jewelry to? Connect with to have your pieces sold in a good price. Moreover, you are sure that your gold pieces are checked thoroughly before giving you your deserved amount. 

List of Brain Games You Can Try

Brain supplements have been known to aid in memory and keeping you focused on studying, however did you know that you can do more than that and have some fun on the side? 

Brain Games train the brain to respond better, build better skills like logic and critical thinking. To simply say it, brain games are more than just games for fun, it has been designed to aid in improving the cognitive function of your brain. More than that, it has shown great improvements and functioning in a person’s mental health. If you want to slow your brain’s aging, then keep it busy through the games listed below. 

  1. Sudoku 

Sudoku is a game of numbers. It is focused on solving the placement of numbers with both consideration along the vertical and boxed arrangement. This game is a good way to improve a person’s memory in short term. More than that, it also builds concentration.  

Sudoku can be played physically and virtually. Some have booklets that has tons of puzzles in it and digital platforms has made it possible to play it without the help of a pen or paper. Apps on phones are readily available and does not even need a lot of phone memory to install.  

  1. Lumosity 

This game is actually more a training app that focuses on the fitness of a person’s mental ability. It is easily accessed and offers a free account. Through the account, you are given at least three games each day however, if you want to do more exercises, you definitely have the option to subscribe or sign up.  

The developers of this game gave a lot of thought to build it. It is a game that has been made with a lot of science backing it up. So, if you are looking for games that are both fun, enticing and productive, then you should try out Lumosity. It is readily available in both the IOS platform and ANDROID platform.  

  1. Elevate 

Elevate is very similar to Lumosity in its goal. It is also focused on brain training. However, if you are a parent that have kids on the lower age bracket, this might not be the choice because it has a more educational approach and feel. Although this can be quite fun for your older kids at home.  

  1. Happy Neuron 

Happy Neuron is a game that has five categories focused on attention, execution, language, memory and visual. It is also similar to Lumosity because it can be easily personalized. You also have the liberty to track and save your progress while backed up by a research on science.  

  1. Online Escape Room 

Online escape room has various games and themes and is a part of the online games offered by the digital platform today. It is a more fun feel in it compared to the educational feels brain training games offer. It may seem like playing alone however it builds the ability to strategize and think critically. More than that a person’s logical thinking also improves.  

Looking for a way to access online escape games? Connect with today and have some fun while learning! 

Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Jewelry

Selling a previously owned jewelry is a hard compromise. You are mostly torn on the transaction process and the amount that is involved. When I say transaction process, it involves the quickness of the transaction and payment while making sure it is convenient. When I say amount involved, it is on the cash offered for the jewelry piece itself. When selling jewelry, you mostly do not get both. Either you get a good offer with a long transaction process or you get more convenience in the transaction process while trading of a lesser amount. 

When it comes to selling your used or old jewelry, the transaction involved when you sell it to a private individual often requires patience. Most often than not, the transaction ranges from two to three days to finalize the process and for you to have the cash on hand.  Moreover, there is also an issue with rust when opting on selling your jewelry to a private individual. 

However, there is good news! You have other alternatives in selling your jewelry. Here are some of them. 

1. Auction your Jewelry Pieces 

If you have fine jewelry pieces, you should definitely go for auction houses. Since there are many sophisticated individuals engaged in the process of bidding, you are sure that your jewelry will definitely be matched with a high possibility of getting a very good price. Moreover, you also have a better chance at reliable individuals as customers. Often, auction houses offer extremes. Either your jewelry piece will be matched with a very good price or an amount that’ squire low given the condition of the jewelry you put for auction. However, the good thing about auction houses is how your chances of winning is high.  

2. Professional Jewelry Brokers 

Professionals in the field of jewelry services are highly trained individuals in examining jewelry. Moreover, when dealing with these jewelry experts, you are confident that all your jewelry concerns are answered since they are knowledgeable on the subject. If you are someone who is looking for a fast transaction that matches a good amount for your jewelry, definitely go for these professionals for help. Besides their knowledge on the value of your jewelry piece, they are also keen on the condition of the jewelry helping you come up with a better worth for your jewelry. If you are concern about your jewelry that are damaged and are wondering if those can be included in monetization, then you should not worry if you go to Goldrus.  

Goldrus has been in the jewelry industry for many years and has a team of experts that are highly trained in the field of jewelry. If you want to sell your jewelry pieces at a good amount, whether your piece is broken or just aged, then connect with today. You can also visit the website to get to know more about them and what they offer. You can also connect with them directly through their website. 

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